Lustery, Stand And Deliver Couple Asteria & Ulysses

Lustery, Stand And Deliver – Couple: Asteria & Ulysses

27 April 2021

Lustery’s latest video quickie from Canadian cuties Asteria and Ulysses is attention grabbing for all the (up)right reasons. Jumping straight into the action mid-blowjob with cheeky smiles, lingering eye contact and lots of drool? Check. A “cum hither” look and a lifted skirt leading to knee-bucklingly hot standing-up-against-the-wall fucking? Absolutely. Sheet clutching, doggy-style, unparalleled perspectives for POV pounding and a hot, sticky, messy finale? Mmmmm-hmmm… And Lustery’s first ever vertical format video? Glad you noticed! We’re all about experimenting with switching up positions, so if you enjoyed this format (and who couldn’t with views like that?), like this video to let us know! We’d love to do it like this more often…

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