Lustery, High Score! Couple Tania & Alex

Lustery, High Score! Couple: Tania & Alex

30 August 2020

Estonian sweethearts Tania and Alex love video games. When they’d just started seeing each other, they’d play online as a way of maintaining their connection and now, aside from a steamy sex life, it’s one of the ways they have fun in their daily lives – or, is that “combined with a steamy sex life”? Needless to say, it’s game on in their second Lustery video! Though Tania is the one with the controller, it turns out that it’s a game for two when Alex decides to play with her pussy while she’s playing PlayStation. Of course, when playing it’s only fair to take turns – Tania soon gets her turn to pleasure Alex with a sensual blow job with plenty of eye contact and first-person player perspective. Their combo moves are put to the test in a variety of fucking positions as the goal of the game becomes making each other cum. And with the kind of chemistry these two have, high scores are guaranteed!

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