Viv Thomas Kelly Collins & Sarah Cute

Viv Thomas – Kelly Collins & Sarah Cute – The Switch Up Episode 2

No sooner has her girlfriend left than Sarah Cute is straightening up the bedroom, ready for another amorous encounter. As episode two of Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian series “The Switch Up” begins, Sarah takes a shower, where she is joined by stunning blonde Kelly Collins as soon as she arrives. The naked lovers kiss hungrily before moving to the bedroom, where Kelly lavishes attention on Sarah’s beautiful breasts, then goes down to eat her shaved pussy. She gazes up at Sarah flirtatiously as she licks her clit, driving her to boiling point, then moves into a prone sixty-nine position so they can pleasure each other simultaneously. Rolling on top of Sarah, Kelly rides her tongue while driving her to a breathless orgasm. Now Kelly straddles Sarah’s face and grinds to a powerful climax, leaving them trembling through the blissful afterglow in each other’s arms.

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