The Life Erotic Katya G

The Life Erotic – Katya G – Tasty Treat 2

It’s sunset in the city and sexy Latvian blonde Katya G is getting kinky in her bathroom. Standing naked in her tub she rests one bare foot on the rim and holds an empty wineglass up to her trimmed pussy. As her free hand teases her perfect breasts she starts to pee – the clear golden liquid gushes out to fill the glass in only a couple seconds…

Katya strokes the glass against her face and tits, savoring its warmth, then sniffs and tastes her pee as her manicured fingers glide over her rack and the moist folds of her pink. Then she sets the glass down on a table by the tub, next to a huge, real-look sucker-base dildo. She takes the toy and starts to lick it.

Next, she sits in the tub, with her dildo stuck to the tile wall at head height. Her breaths come deep and heavy as she sucks on it, gently teasing the smooth, round helmet with her lips and tongue before opening wide to take the shaft inside of her mouth. Meanwhile, her fingers strum her puffy pussy.

Cut to Katya squatting in the bathtub, tits jiggling and bouncing as she rides the dildo, her pretty face veiled by her blonde hair. Her knees and pedicured feet are splayed wide as the huge tool plows her pussy deep. As darkness falls outside, she stands in the tub again, with the wineglass of pee in the foreground, distorting the detail as she pleasures herself.

Finally, we are rewarded with a stunning close-up. The dildo is stuck to the wall and she takes it standing doggie-style, butterfly lips fluttering around the girth as she rubs her clit. Her face is a picture of ecstasy as she sucks on her sticky fingers. Finally, she raises her glass and pours her pee into her open mouth and over her face and body. As the movie ends, she caresses her beautiful drenched curves.

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