Skye Blue In Casual Chic Playboy Plus (2)

Meet Skye Blue, our newest Amateur model who will knock you off your feet. With her gorgeous, bright blue eyes, red hair, and all-natural body, we just had to have her shoot for us. “I’ve been modeling for about two years,” she shares. “Playboy found me! Holly Randall reached out to me after a fan sent my photos to her without my knowledge. I almost screamed when I got an email from her,” she says. Coming to Playboy Plus all the way from Florida, but now living in NYC, this city babe thinks of posing nude as art and is totally comfortable with it. “I want to be a Playboy Plus model because it represents confident and powerful women,” she says thoughtfully. “I’ve never had a problem posing nude. I love the female body and think of it as art.” Check out the masterpiece she’s working with in this first pictorial. Dressed in a black bra and blue jeans, she’s effortlessly gorgeous. “I definitely know that my best asset is my chest! Having such natural big boobs with a tiny frame has always been an eye-catcher,” she tells us. When it comes to the opposite sex, Skye would much rather be in a relationship. “I like having someone around to talk to every day and have to support each other,” she says. “I don’t normally care about physical looks as much as I do with a mental connection. Sexually I love a partner that can go for hours like I can— wild, fun, crazy, spontaneous sex!” Indulge in all this new model, Skye Blue has to offer, right here, on!

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