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Naked News, Thursday June 4, 2020

5 June 2020

I’m Shannon Blake. Welcome to Naked News! I know all of you out there want to make sure your partner is always satisfied. I do, too. And even the best of us could use a few tips… or at least some fresh ideas! Eila’s kicking off the show today with a website that’s THE place to learn how to keep your woman wanting MORE! has been quietly improving sex lives for a few years now, but it’s time EVERYONE knew about it. The creators partnered with the famous Kinsey Institute and other researchers to study precisely how different women experience pleasure. Over twenty THOUSAND women shared their experiences, which led OMGYes to catalog different sensations and techniques. Ones you’re heard of, like “squirting”, and “edging.” And some you probably haven’t, like “accenting”, where you give extra attention to part of a motion. THEN, OMGYes tested them all out. Tough job!

The end result is this site and all the sexual magic tricks it offers! It IS a pay site, but come on, of ALL the things we spend money on, a lifetime of fantastic sex should top that list! There are two levels available. The “Season One Original”, at about forty dollars, offers practical, EXPLICIT instructions on boosting external pleasure. Or, in layman’s terms, having fun with the clitoris! There are dozens of videos featuring actual women, touchable simulations… and plenty of infographics.

For the more ADVANCED out there, the seventy-ish dollar “Season One and Two” tacks on the INNER Pleasure Collection, where you learn more about penetration from nearly two HUNDRED videos. Both are perfect for singles, couples, or however many players are in the game. Hey, you know WE aren’t gonna judge!

So if you’re looking to get a PhD in S-E-X, definitely check out OMGYes. On behalf of your future partners, thank you… AND you’re welcome! For Naked News, I’m Eila Adams!

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