Playmate May 2020 Savannah Smith Playboy Plus (5)

Playmate May 2020: Savannah Smith – Playboy Plus

Both model and recreational mechanic, May 2020 Playmate, Savannah Smith, shows us through her pictorial what it means to set your mind to something and achieve it. “Oddly enough, I feel entirely in my element posing nude in an autobody shop,” she says. “To me, this photoshoot illustrates the duality of my personality. There’s my soft, feminine side, and there’s my boyish side that loves working on cars and used to play rugby and chop down trees.” Striking poses left and right on set with the photographer, Graham Dunn, Savannah has been modeling ever since she was four. “Because my dad was a cameraman, I wanted to model from an early age,” she says. “The moment I set my mind on modeling as my profession, there was no convincing me otherwise.” In her downtime between living her dreams and striving for new ones, Savannah loves to unwind and read. “My guilty pleasure is going completely off the radar — taking a day to myself and doing absolutely nothing,” she laughs. “This doesn’t mean a bath and a facial; it means I truly do nothing. Not even respond to texts. Sometimes you need a day to be a full-blown potato.” Learn more about Savannah, right here on!

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