Playboy Plus Kenz Kissah

Playboy Plus – Kenz Kissah – Authority Figure

Talk business with Kenz Kissah, a newcomer from Boulder, Colorado. On location of an office in Los Angeles, California, get to know Kenz as she poses for the photographer, Cassandra Keyes. “I’m a pretty grounded person,” she says. “I love to be in the moment. My passion is spreading happines s.” Kenz is often working on projects as a dancer, model, and voice-over actress. “My special talent is my voice— I can always sound very young, no matter my age,” she laughs.

“[I love] performing with friends, being on stage dancing, being in front of an audience, or working in my recording studio.” Kenz often checks goals off her list and looks for someone who shares that drive when dating. “Someone who can handle themselves first— I don’t like to babysit,” she shares. “They have to have goals and aspirations and are continuously trying to reach them.” Stay tuned for more from Kenz Kissah here on Playboy Plus.

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