Olivia Preston In Fallen Angel Playboy Plus (26)

Olivia Preston in Fallen Angel – Playboy Plus

June 1, 2018

Model: Olivia Preston

Photos: Cassandra Keyes

June means a brand new set from your absolutely beautiful Cybergirl of the Year, Olivia Preston. Bringing you a look that’s sexy and somewhat futuristic, It’s safe to say Olivia and photographer, Cassandra Keyes have outdone themselves with this pictorial. “Hi!” Olivia says to all her fans. “I’m shooting on location in sunny Mexico. We started at this huge dam, it was really awesome, it had this geometric gate, concrete pillars, and a long runway for me,” she explains. “Then we came here to this dry river bed. There’s been so much sun and it’s been the most fun I’ve had on a shoot in a very long time,” she gushes. Dressed in all white with funky shades, Olivia is ready to give her fans an amazing time. Watch as she does what she does best: showing off her all natural, irresistible curves. “I have a fair complexion, with no piercings or tattoos,” Olivia says of her body. “It’s a woman’s body, with a narrow waist and full hips. I think those are my best assets.” When it comes to the bedroom, Olivia loves words of affirmation. “My best sex advice for men and women is to talk! Make sounds! If it feels good, let them know,” she says with a big smile. For now, Olivia is focused on her career, so the single life is working for her. “I’m always traveling,” she tells us. “I usually prefer to be in a relationship though, I like the companionship.” If you’re loving this new set for the gorgeous Olivia, be sure to like and comment, she loves to read them! “Everyone that I’ve met so far has been so friendly! I love you guys so much, I want to thank you all!”

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