Classic Cybergirls Playboy Plus (25)

Classic Cybergirls – Playboy Plus

Models: Alissa Arden, Christine Carter, Leanna Decker, Rachel Lynn Owen, Rebecca Carter

If you miss Playboy Plus’ Cybergirl era, you’re in luck. For this week’s Editor’s Choice feature, look back over the years as we highlight some of the most popular models to hold the title. First up, get reacquainted with Rebecca Carter, our Cybergirl of the Month for November 2012. “Being a Playboy model is a big deal,” said Rebecca back in 2012. “I’ve been submitting and going to auditions since I was eighteen, so I feel like I really accomplished something. I love being in front of the camera!” You’ll also get to know Leanna Decker, Cybergirl of the month for November 2011, and Cybergirl of the Year for 2012. Nowadays, Leanna is still modeling, and when she’s not working, you can usually find her mid-pose, practicing yoga. “[It’s] good for the soul,” she says on her Instagram. “If I had a favorite pose [or] stretch, it would probably be downward facing dog!” Get to know all the other Cybergirls, Rachel Lynn Owen, Alissa Arden, and Christine Carter, too, right here on Playboy Plus!

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