Lustery: Matt & Peach

Lustery Matt & Peach

It’s quite a lovely sight to see just how strong the attraction between Peach and Matt is. It’s so powerful that they can hardly endure mere seconds without touching each other. Again and again, they look at one another lovingly, tenderly touching and kissing until they’re basically falling over one another. The mutual desire is just too bad to deny.

Peach enjoys pleasuring Matt’s best piece by using all the tricks in the book, seemingly forgetting about the world around her. Likewise, Matt is getting off by seeing how much she gets into it. And he thinks that you, too, should get to see just exactly how much fun the couple is having. And so he grabs the camera and puts it in the proper position, letting you see everything up close and personal.

A change of position: It makes no difference to Peach how Matt takes her – from the front, from the side or from behind. Whenever he touches her, she seems to melt in his hands like wax. He obviously knows exactly where her most erogenous spots are…

Their extensive lovemaking session leads to these two lovebirds’ climax, happening almost simultaneously. But it’s not over yet – you have to see what Matt does after that!

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