Ersties – Chloe & Liandra – The carrot and the stick

Ersties Chloe & Liandra The Carrot And The Stick

These two girls clearly get along with each other dazzlingly. While they spoil each other in front of the huge shelf, using every trick in the book, undressing each other and having an unspeakably good time together.

Chloe knows exactly what Liandra likes, and vice versa – they press the right “buttons” at all the right moments. They giggle with glee and enjoy all to the fullest, giving and receiving all sorts of touches and licks. Building in intensity, it looks as though they just can’t get enough of each other.

Every need is fulfilled, and it’s no wonder that their laughter, as well as their cries of pleasure, keep getting louder – until one of them reaches climax! We watch the girls with total fascination – and our camera follows them right into their most intimate places. You might want to check this out…!

Streaming and Download Chloe & Liandra in action part 1 From DoodStream

Streaming and Download Chloe & Liandra in action part 2 From DoodStream


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