Ivy Rose In Start To Finish Playboy Plus (30)

Back for her second pictorial is Playboy Muse, Ivy Rose. On location of a large and beautiful home in Los Angeles, California, Ivy floats through the courtyard as Damon Loble snaps the camera. “What an honor to be a part of a cultural icon, pushing the envelope since the ’50s when the predominan t culture was so sexually repressed,” says Ivy. “I’m excited to be involved in a cultural publication that continues to break down barriers well into the 21st century.” Posing nude is something Ivy does with joy and hopes to influence others by her example. “I love posing nude. I wasn’t always so confident and comfortable in my skin, and I think my immense progress in that is something deserving of celebration,” she shares. “I love my body, not only for how it looks, but what it does for me. Women have expressed to me that my confidence has inspired them to be more comfortable in their own skin and to take better care of their bodies as well.” This means the world to Ivy. “Knowing that I’ve helped others in their personal growth through sharing my nude art gives me a sense of great purpose and gratitude,” she says. See more of Ivy Rose right here on Playboy Plus!

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