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Alexa Dellanos Sexy (120 Photos)

28 November 2019

Check out and compare Alexa Dellanos non-nude photos taken by the paparazzi outdoors and the photos that the girl shares on her Instagram. Alexa is sexy on every one of them, but what pictures do you like more: Photoshopped or everyday hot images of her fake butt?

The photos she shares with her fappers show her perfectly smooth skin, round ass, and beautiful legs. But the paps pics are very different from what Alex Dellanos shows on social media. As you can see, her ass doesn’t look so great, and her legs are short and bowed. However, she is still a scorching!

Alexa Dellanos is a popular Instagram model from the USA. She has a huge fake ass and the same big fake boobs. She was born on December 30,1995, and her parents divorced when she was only four years old. Her stepfather Ulyses Daniel Alonso was arrested on charges of domestic violence, so family life was the girl’s main fear.

She has her own YouTube channel with 10.6K+ subscribers. The curvy chick has more than 1.6M Instagram followers. And she more active there. Alexa pleases her audience and posts a lot of photos from her daily life. And, of course, most of them are quite spicy.