Xris Kovtos In Rising High Playboy Plus (28)

Xris Kovtos in Rising High – Playboy Plus

9 June 2021

Rise to new heights with newcomer Xris Kovtos, a model and fashion designer from Preveza, Greece. On location of a high-rise apartment overlooking Vancouver, Xris poses for the photographer, Georgia Love, as we get to know more about her. “One of my best qualities is the ability to empathize with everyone I meet,” says Xris. “People don’t realize this about me at first glance but easily open up to me once they talk to me.” Dressed in all-black lingerie, Xris is relatively new to modeling but totally in her element. “The first time I understood what Playboy was, was in high school. We had a grad from my high school who became a Playboy model,” shares Xris. “I didn’t think I would ever have the potential to be a model. It serves as a good reminder that I shouldn’t doubt myself or my potential.” Now, Xris is proud to be on set with us. “It feels very special to be a part of a brand with such a legendary legacy,” she smiles. “This is my first professional shoot and the first time I’ve done a video shoot as well. It’s been amazing.” Stay tuned for more from Xris Kovtos, right here on Playboy Plus.

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