XConfessions by Erika Lust, Like a Butterfly

22 July 2021

Director: Maximus Skaff

Performers: Stevie Trixx, Kaya Lin

Photographer: Megan Rainwater

Based on Like A Butterfly a confession by Candy Boy

A queer transformation story in a cotton candy dreamworld

Have you ever thought about making love in the 5th dimension? New York based filmmaker Maximus Skaff is back with a conceptual and artistic indie adult short film on XConfessions. Welcome to a pink, cotton candy dreamworld where all of your queer sex dreams can come true. Starring Stevie Trixx and Kaya Lin, the film is accompanied by a poem that Maximus wrote himself, and shows the transition of the butterfly alongside a trans love story. Come and join us in the cocoon…

Erika’s comment: “I’m so happy that Maximus is back on XConfessions with this surreal, trippy transformation story. It’s real, queer, beautiful and I know you will love it. I also love how Max works with his mostly LGBT+ crew and creates radical feminist, LGBT+ content – this is the future of indie adult cinema!

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