Xconfessions By Erika Lust, Domestic Servitude

XConfessions by Erika Lust, Domestic Servitude

7 February 2021

Director: Poppy Sanchez

Performers: Friederich Kreuz, Shay Noir

Based on Domestic Servitude to a Cruel Mistress a confession by David

Discover the eroticism of service submission

Returning guest director Poppy Sanchez explores the thrills of service submission in this explicit short film. A scheduling mishap leaves two submissives cleaning their Mistress’ apartment at the same time. Through gritted teeth they abide to the discipline of domestic labour until some unexpected guests arrive. Will the two submissives follow their mistress’ orders? Prepare yourself for a kinky film that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality, and voyeurism and exhibitionism.

Erika’s comment

We can always count on Poppy Sanchez to deliver something beautifully shot, and sexy whilst also playful. Adapted from a confession by someone who is turned on by the logistics of domestic servitude, Poppy has made an original film that takes you from the position of voyeur right into the middle of the action. Bravo!

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