Xconfessions By Erika Lust, Circus Aerius Perversus

Director Erika Lust

Performers Jowy, Eze, Jowy & Eze

Confession by teaoflust
The first real life erotic documentary of the XConfessions series! Jowy & Eze are both acrobats and circus erotic performers. Jowy was born in Barcelona, Eze in Argentina. They met a few years ago when she switched her life around and flew t…

An erotic documentary about real-life couple Jowy and Eze and their performance of acrobatics and public sex.

Since I can remember I enjoyed performing. I just love the feeling of entertaining and having all eyes on me… I guess this is why I decided to work in the circus. There is something so liberating about giving my all, to the point of fighting gravity to amaze people.
So every now and then I imagine what it would be like…
What it would be like to let my self totally go during the show, enter the complete ecstasy and show my deepest desires on stage.
To enjoy my body and all of my most primal instincts.
To be fucked on stage.
— By teaoflust
Erika’s comment Proudly presenting Xconfessions’ first real life documentary. The story of Jowy & Eze, their love, their passion for acrobatics and circus, their unique & experimenting life! This movie turned out to be so much more than I expected. Enjoy!

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