Xconfessions By Erika Lust, Before The Guests Arrive

XConfessions by Erika Lust, Before the Guests Arrive

2 September 2020

Director: Erika Lust

Performers: Amarna Miller, Kristopher Kodjoe

Based on Before the Guests Arrive a confession by MeetTheSmiths

From the XConfessions series: Against the clock, this couple engage in a hot quickie before their dinner guests arrive!

Amarna and Kristopher portray a couple who confesses their thrilling game – having a down and dirty quickie before the guests arrive! Their chemistry is unforgettable, and their passion might just inspire you to make quickies a part of your date night.

Erika’s comment
I have been wanting to shoot a quickie for a while now, and yours is perfect. It has all the elements: the ‘fuck me now’ urgency, the thrill of being caught, the race against time, and the naughty secret when the guests arrive. I read your confession, MEETTHESMITHS, and all I could think is “they can’t be the only ones who do this!” 😉 Enjoy this hot and heavy film with Amarna Miller and Kristopher Kudjoe based on your confession!

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