The Night We Met

XConfessions by Erika Lust, The Night We Met

17 April 2021

Director: Aleix Rodón

Performers: Adel de Mauclerc, Yumie Volupté

Based on The Night We Met a confession by Femme_Boy

Intimate & tender queer sex

A beautiful erotic short story showing what happens when two strangers meet and instantly feel a deep & profound connection. Ali and Alex are new to Barcelona but when they find each other they find a meaningful interaction filled with tenderness, trust and confidence. This is a realistic and intimate portrayal of queer sex that explores gender, identity, representation and first meetings.
Erika’s comment

This is such a beautiful film and a realistic portrayal of sex between two strangers. I love the interesting conversations between Ali and Alex, the cinematic realism, and the close up shots of their skin touching. It’s a personal and intimate film with tender sex and another brilliant short by long time Lust family member Aleix Rodón!

Xconfessions By Erika Lust, The Night We Met

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