Touch Crimes Xconfessions

XConfessions by Erika Lust, Touch Crimes

28 March 2021

Director Sally Fenaux Barleycorn

Performers Luna Corazón, Maximilian Gamberro

Imagine the most natural thing in the world, human contact, was suddenly forbidden… Would you be able to resist your desires?

Those goosebumps along the skin, raised from the lightest touch. That’s what I missed the most. I was living in Amsterdam, in a world, a time, different than yours. A world where humankind had become so desensitised to each other that they had become touch-phobic. An organised, impersonal, faceless, untouchable society set up to avoid all physical contact as a rule of proper behaviour to the point of making physical interaction illegal.

It was like touch deprivation. No caring, loving, true human touch. What I would do to feel a lover’s breath on my neck, lips across the tiny hairs at the nape of my neck. What I wouldn’t give to have fingers softly stroke my nipples and tongues tasting my sweat.

And when the moment finally came for skin to skin contact, how hard would I come?

Sally started on this journey towards XC with her first film Skinhearts, a beautiful exploration of touch and touch depravation in a futuristic world. When she applied to work with me, she confessed her own story, and it’s become Touch Crimes, part 2 in the series. Watch Skinhearts below! — By SciFiSally

Erika’s comment

I love this short by the incredible Sally Fenaux Barleycorn. It’s sci-fi porn meets Black Mirror, exploring deep human consciousness, lust and tacking societal issues. All with Sally’s signature brilliance for light and composition! You’re going to be blown away…

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