Thera Jane in Above the Clouds – Playboy Plus

    International model, Thera Jane is absolutely serene on the set of her villa in Thailand with the photographer, David Merenyi capturing her. Dressed in all blue lingerie and a white floral robe, Thera gazes out to all the lush scenery that surrounds her. Taking it all in, she’s thrilled to be shooting for us again. “I have wanted to work with Playboy my whole life,” she says. “I love the brand and to be a part of [it] is pushing my modeling career to bigger and better things. I think Playboy captures nudity in a beautiful way!” That being said, posing nude is something that comes easy to the lovely, Thera. “There’s not really anything I don’t love about my body,” she says. “I train so hard for the body that I want. Of course, I have insecurities, it’s not like I’m perfect!” Loving getting to know this gorgeous Australian model? Stick around for more of Thera Jane, right here on Playboy Plus!

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