The Listener Lustcinema

Directed by: Lidia Ravviso
Cast: Ryan Ryder , Heidi Switch , Romeo , Maisy Taylor , Marcus Quillan , Honour May , Effie Diaz , James Aphelia , Rudy Jeevanjee

The Listener is a Lust Cinema Original, erotic murder mystery set in London. When Nora (Maisy Taylor) moves into a old Victorian house left to her by an unknown Aunt, she can’t believe her luck but it doesn’t take long for things to turn weird. As she is masturbating one evening she starts to hear some strange noises. From the sound of teeth being brushed to kisses being stolen… she can hear each of her neighbours in HD sound. Her newfound power is a mystery but it isn’t long until she starts to take advantage of it, listening to her neighbours’ private lives and fantasising in the process. That is, until a mysterious murder upsets the building.Directed by Lidia Ravviso and starring performers Maisy Taylor, Romeo, Heidi Switch, Ryan Ryder, Effie Diaz, Honour May and more, this comedic-thriller blends Cluedo and porn for a suspense filled, cinematic, erotic movie that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

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