The Life Erotic With Lina In My Turn On 2

The Life Erotic with Lina in My Turn On 2

Gorgeous brunette Lina is down for kinky fun – wrapped in towels after showering, she enters a dungeon room to choose her fetishwear. She lays a selection of PVC dresses and lingerie on the bed, then inspects her new toy – a spanking paddle with a word cut out of the leather.

She tests it against her forearm and then her thigh, striking a little harder each time before soothing her punished skin with manicured fingertips. Next, she plays the smooth hide over her beautiful breasts and erect nipples, teasing both with gentle swats. Turned on, she lets a towel fall to reveal perfect naked curves and a shaved pussy.

As she leans against the rough brick wall, her free hand disappears between her thighs. Then she inches the paddle closer, to spank her leg again. After moving onto the bed she crouches on all fours, straddling a black PVC dress, and shakes her long, dark hair loose. She continues to masturbate, flexing her bare feet and pointing her pedicured toes in delight.

Soon, Lina hits the brink of orgasm and urges herself on with more spanks from her paddle. Lost in the ecstasy of pleasure and pain she squirms on the covers, body jerking and buns clenching each time a stroke lands. Then she rolls onto her back, legs splayed, and spanks her inner thighs as her fingers penetrate her snatch and strum her clit.

She lays the paddle on hard, seeking out untouched areas of skin, all the while grinding her crotch against her hand. Somehow, she manages to focus on both tasks, whipping herself as she cums to a screaming orgasm. Her hand keeps moving to prolong her climax and the cutouts in the paddle leave her body fleetingly marked with the word “SLUT”. Still dazed, she picks a red PVC dress and exits the scene…

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