The Life Erotic Subil Arch

The Life Erotic – Subil Arch – Arresting Beauty # 2

Directed by erotic icon Sandra Shine, smoking-hot brunette Subil Arch is cosplaying as a kinky cop. We find her patrolling a grimy industrial building, wearing a sexy uniform playsuit – complete with a cap, handcuffs and nightstick, and matched with stockings, garters and spike heels. Her long hair is tied in a sleek ponytail, and her smoky eyes and nude lips are teamed with a vampish red manicure.

“Who is a bad boy who needs to be punished?” she purrs, spanking her palm with the stick.

She jacks the shaft, trails the end over her body, and grinds it against her playsuit crotch. After a couple minutes, she unzips her uniform and frees one large breast from her bra. She teases the nipple, then goes down on the nightstick like a cock. Then, with her impressive rack bared, she gives the solid rod a titty-ride.

Leaning back against a concrete wall, Subil humps the stick and yanks her hotpants aside to expose her shaved pussy. She rubs her clit, then slides the black shaft inside of her, using it as a dildo. As she plows herself hard, she starts to whimper with pleasure. Shot from below, upskirt-style, she looms over the camera, big tits quivering and garter straps straining against her toned thighs.

Her butterfly lips flutter around nightstick, then she spins to take it from the rear, standing doggie. Next, she works the cream-coated shaft in her cleavage, then squats to frig her clit and snatch. Tits heaving, her moans become louder and higher, so she gags herself, sucking on the wet stick.

Standing up, Subil angles her hips, yelping as the nightstick hits all the right spots. Very soon, her sighs turn to screams as she cums hard around it. Blissed out, she gyrates her body, sucking on the stick to taste her pleasure as her pussy peeks out one side of her hotpants, moist and puffy from her orgasm…

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