The Life Erotic Rebeka Ruby & Katya G

The Life Erotic – Rebeka Ruby & Katya G – Deep Inside Rebeka # 2


Late at night, somewhere in the city, brunette submissive Rebeka Ruby is lying on a queen-sized bed. Straddling her sexy body, blonde Latvian Dominant Katya G is tying her wrists to the headboard with bondage ropes. Rebeka is topless in sheer lace panties, while her lesbian lover wears a bra and a large black strap-on dildo. With manicured fingers clutching the girth, Katya guides the bulbous head into Rebeka’s mouth.

Sighs muffled, Rebeka sucks and slurps rhythmically on the toy. Then Katya slides backwards, trailing the spit-wet end between her girlfriend’s perfect breasts. The duo makes out, then the blonde lingers on Rebeka’s nipples, licking and sucking, before nuzzling her way down over the girl’s flat belly. She peels off Rebeka’s panties to expose her shaved pussy, then grinds the toy against her slit and clit…

Katya spanks the head and shaft against her kinky submissive’s snatch, teasing her, then eases it inside. Rebeka takes almost the entire length of the dildo, which is soon glistening wet with her creamy juices. Balanced on her feet, knees bent and with her ass raised off of the covers, the brunette humps against her Domme’s thrusts, moaning her encouragement. Meanwhile, shot from behind, voyeur-style, Katya’s firm ass clenches and jiggles.

Next, Katya shoves Rebeka’s legs up and back, so she can plow her even deeper. Face twisted in pleasure, the brunette inches toward orgasm, as her girlfriend pounds her relentlessly. Rebeka flexes her bare feet and points her toes as Katya sucks them. Then, as a finale, the blonde bangs her willing submissive doggie-style.

They move in sync, with Katya grabbing and spanking Rebeka’s ass and yanking on her hair. The cries of pleasure become more urgent, until Rebeka cums hard around the huge black shaft. Then, as she lies face-down on the sheets in a state of perfect bliss, her blonde lover showers her with kisses and caresses…

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