The Life Erotic Paloma D

The Life Erotic – Paloma D – Lust Obeyed 2

Kinky brunette Paloma D is indulging her military fetish, gazing out her window in a sexy red and black-lace minidress, stripper heels, and matching officer’s cap. With respect and reverence she hangs up the cap in her closet, then stands to attention, perfectly obedient, as a scarlet ball-gag is strapped in her mouth. Demonstrating ultimate submission, she crouches on the bed doggy-style, head bowed and ass raised…

Her short skirt rides up to reveal her naked, unshaved pussy, and bondage ropes are looped around her wrists. An anonymous Dominant bares her ass, teases her crotch with fingers and a red-feathered wand, probes her pussy with the black shaft to wet it with her juices, then inserts it in her asshole. The wand is pushed in deep, with the plumes poking out like a colorful tail. As she squirms and clenches her butt, it appears to wag gently.

Paloma frees one hand then reaches back between her legs, body moving sensuously as she begins to masturbate her pink. She alternates between stirring the wand in her ass and stroking her clit and pussy. Carefully, she rolls onto her back and removes the gag from her mouth – now her gasps and moans are loud and clear.

Thighs splayed, she flaunts her full bush, stroking the thick, dark hairs as she teases her snatch and plows her asshole. Her single bound hand clings to the rope around her wrist, and her elegant fingers plunge into her pussy, for double penetration. Then she reaches inside of her dress to massage her beautiful breasts, freeing her nipples.

However, she can’t ignore her asshole for long and crams a couple fingers back in her pussy, too. Rubbing her clit she humps against the bed, legs parted wide, then reams and squeezes her hairy crotch as she orgasms hard. She removes the wand, tossing it aside, then caresses herself, her mission to cum finally accomplished.

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