The Life Erotic Lovita Fate

The Life Erotic – Lovita Fate – Latex Yoga 2

Toned and tan platinum blonde Lovita Fate is doing yoga, flaunting and flexing her body in a black leather bikini and latex stockings. The kinky Czech holds a pose then lies back on her mat, stretching her long legs and raising them high as she oils the stockings to a slick sheen. Captured in close-up, she splays her thighs wide, her crotch barely concealed by her thong panties.

She caresses her curves then removes and tosses away her top to show off her small, perfect breasts. Next, she gets on all fours, head bowed and ass in the air, and assumes another sequence of postures. After rolling on her back, she peels off her panties, her movements controlled and graceful.

The lens lingers on Lovita’s naked, shaved pussy and tight asshole as she parts her legs and rubs her slit with manicured hands. Her deep, calming breaths become excited moans and sighs as she dips one finger, then two, inside of her wet snatch and works her palm against her swollen clit and hood piercing.

Switching hands, she tastes her juices off of her fingers, then resumes the doggie position. She takes an embellished black vibrator and sucks on it, before playing it against her slit then sliding it in her snatch. She plows herself deep from the rear before holding the shaft inside of her as she strums her clit with her fingertips.

Moaning with pleasure she lies on her back, pounding and churning her pussy with the vibe. Eyes shut, she bites her lip, hand a blur as she frigs herself to the brink of orgasm. Then – thighs taut and trembling, and toes pointing – she bucks her ass clear of the mat as she cums hard. As she drifts back down to earth, she strokes the toy gently over her naked skin, then sits with her latex-clad legs crossed.

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