The Life Erotic Kourtney L

The Life Erotic – Kourtney L – Anal Lust 2

It’s sundown in the city and sexy Kourtney L is stripping for solo anal fun. Lit red and pink, the tattooed brunette unclips her bra. She caresses herself through the lace cups, then bares perfect breasts. As she kneads her perky globes and tweaks her nipples, she gazes at the toys she will use – a huge realistic dildo and a phallic butt-plug.

Kneeling doggie-style on her couch, she slips a hand inside of her red panties then removes them, leaving her totally naked. She reaches back to finger her slit and crack, then begins to suck on the anal plug, tonguing it and taking it deep in her mouth until the entire shaft is lubed with drool…

Kourtney’s shaved pussy is wet and puffy, but she’s down for straight-to-ass action. She inches the plug into her butthole, a little deeper with each thrust, until it’s buried down to the flared base. She rocks and wiggles her hips, moaning as the toy plows in and out between her peachy buns.

She switches position, resting on her back with her knees bent and her bare feet in the air. One hand massages and tickles her sole as the other screws her asshole with the plug. She could cum like this – but it’s just foreplay. Squatting on the couch, thighs splayed, she takes the head of her big dildo in her asshole, moaning as she rides it and feels it open her up even wider.

This may be a literal stretch but it soon hits the spot, teasing her to the brink of orgasm as she reams her clit. Soon, she is bucking her hips, taking almost the entire length and moaning as she cums hard. She gives her empty pussy a soothing rub and tastes her juices – then lets the dildo slide out slowly before grinding her clit against it as the picture fades…

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