The Life Erotic Carol O

The Life Erotic – Carol O – My Rachet 2

Smoldering-hot mechanic Carol O has spent a busy couple hours tuning up her cute yellow pickup truck. Dressed in red hotpants, a lace-up crop-top, headscarf, and chunky, high-heeled ankle-boots, she inspects the vehicle. With her work done, it’s time to unwind – she climbs in back, opens up the toolbox, then selects a huge, right-angled ratchet.

Sitting on the cold metal treadplate, she works one end of the tool over her curves, stretching her top to release each of her tanlined, perfect breasts in turn. She teases her puffy nipples with the hard steel tip, then strips naked and lets loose her long, brunette hair.

Head thrown back and eyes closed in bliss, she grinds and taps her improvised toy against her clit… Then she slides it deep inside of her juiced-up, shaved pussy. The steel rod is the perfect length and the tool rattles as she pumps it in and out. It feels good and she’s soon on the road to orgasm – but, as she plunges it in deep and rubs her clit with her manicured fingers, she craves a bigger dildo.

Carol grabs and spanks her tits, driving herself closer to the edge – but she keeps stopping short. Sprawling back, thighs splayed wide apart, she continues to pound herself, humping her ratchet as she stirs it inside of her. Then she spins it around, cramming the longer, thicker end in her snatch. The first couple inches of the metal are textured so each thrust builds up insane levels of friction.

Moaning and yelping, she uses her heavy tool and skilled hands to drive herself into an orgasmic frenzy. Her snatch is pink and swollen – then, at last, she cums. The intensity leaves her so super-sensitive she grits her teeth as she withdraws the metal rod – but, as she struts out of her auto shop, she makes sure to take it with her…

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