Taylor White In Wild Wallflower Playboy Plus (15)

Taylor White in Wild Wallflower – Playboy Plus

25 June 2020

Newcomer, Taylor White, is anything but a wallflower in her debut pictorial by the photographer, Carianne Older. Confident and comfortable on set in Los Angeles, Taylor, who works as a model and adult content creator, has a blast as the camera snaps away. “I remember watching The Girls Next Door, and falling completely in love with Holly Madison. From there, I started to do my research,” she says of when she first encountered Playboy. “I always used to kid saying I wanted to be in Playboy, but now seeing it’s a possibility makes my heart scream!” As for posing nude, Taylor says she prefers it. “I love posing nude. I feel beautiful, calm, and not worried about garments or how they look on me,” she says. “I’d rather shoot nude, to be honest.” When she’s not working, you can usually find Taylor doing something she loves the most: cooking. “I love to cook! I like to act like a chef whenever I can,” she laughs. “For some reason, I feel very empowered when I’m cooking — something about feeding the people you love is just powerful.” Want to see more of Taylor? Stick around, right here on 3x.wtf!

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