Taboo Heat Rebel Rhyder

I Dare You To Distract Me-

I (Luke Longly) walk into the living room to find my step-mom, Rebel Rhyder, sitting on the couch playing some Xbox. She offers to play a video game with me but I feel weird playing video games with my step-mom! She asks me if I want to play another game with her, where I have to try and distract her while she’s playing X Box. She starts to play her game, and I walk over to her and I grab her tits. I pull her big tits out from underneath her dress, but she is still focused on the game. She stands up in the doggystyle position and I pull her panties down, exposing her ass and pussy. Then Rhyder stands up and she pulls her dress off, so she’s completely naked in front of me…

I take my hard cock out and I place one of her hands on my cock. She starts to jerk my cock off with one hand while she plays Xbox with the other hand. She licks my cock before I get behind her and I start to fuck her pussy in the doggystyle position while she keeps playing video games. I want to fuck my step-mom’s ass next, so I slowly make my way over to her other hole. I shove my hard cock deep in her ass hole and I keep fucking her from behind. She finally puts the remote down, as she allows me to keep fucking her ass and her pussy, back and forth. I finally cum deep inside of her, and I tell her that I want to play this game again later!

Dare You To Just Put the Tip in My Ass-

I walk into my bedroom this evening and I find my step-mom lying on my bed wearing nothing but yellow lingerie. She tells me that she wants to play another game with me! She dares me to put just the tip of my cock in her ass, and I’m not sure if I will win or lose this game because it sounds pretty hard! She moves into the doggystyle position and she pulls her panties to the side, exposing her pussy and ass to me. I pull my cock out from under my pants and my step-mom starts to give me a blowjob. She lies down on her back, and I start to fuck her pussy first. Then I move over to her ass hole, and I gently fuck her using just the tip of my cock. I haven’t lost yet, but I ask Rebel to hop on top of me and to ride my cock using just the tip now! She does what she is told, and then she licks my cock clean afterwards. I want to fuck her with my whole cock now, so I instruct my step-mom to get back on the bed in the doggystyle position. She spreads her ass cheeks wide for me, as I start to fuck her ass completely now. Her moans begin to get louder with every thrust…

Trying on Bikinis and Dare To Not Get Hard-

The following day, I walk into my step-mom’s room and I find her standing near the window in a purple bikini. She tells me that she wants my honest opinion about what her new bathing suit’s look like. She strips out of her purple bikini and she slowly puts on a pink, white and blue bikini. I tell her that it looks good and she shouldn’t get many tan lines with this suit on. She strips out of her bikini and I walk over to her with my hard cock ready! She hops on the bed and she starts to give me a nice, wet blowjob. After a few minutes, I get behind her on the bed and I start to fuck her pussy in the doggystyle position at first. I fuck her tight ass hole next and it feels so good! She flips over on to her back and I start to fuck her pussy and ass back and forth, in no particular order. When I get close to cumming, I instruct my step-mom to get down on her knees in front of me and open her mouth wide. I jerk my cock off in her mouth and on her face! She swallows as much cum as can!

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