Lustery Spunky & Mr. Spunks Vlog Beach Bumming

Lustery: Spunky & Mr. Spunks – VLOG: Beach Bumming

25 October 2020

In this month’s edition of the Lustery VLOG, we are pleased to be profiling one of our favorite couples: Spunky & Mr. Spunks. For their video, the entertaining duo decided to hike to a secluded Californian beach to combine two of their favorite things: nature and sex. Beforehand, the loquacious lovers were more than happy to talk about their life together, sharing their favorite foods, movies, kinks, and –of course– body parts. In fact, Spunky adores her partner’s cock so much that she couldn’t help but start blowing him mid-interview. Soon after, they hike (semi-nude) to the hidden bay and engage in some typically loud and wet lovemaking. It’s a good thing that they enjoy the thrill of getting caught, as it turns out the cove wasn’t quite as private as they’d imagined…

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