Spit It Up — Xconfessions

XConfessions by Erika Lust, Spit It Up

15 June 2021

Director Adriana Eskenazi

Performers Kali Sudhra, Jean Jumel

A Wes-Anderson-esque fantasy indulging in spit and bathroom sex

I love my boyfriend, I love fucking him and I am always wet as soon as I see him. But this one thing he does, I don’t feel like I can tell my girlfriends how much it turns me on. When I’m lying on my back, and he’s holding my legs and pushing the end of his dick inside me. He’ll look down, and slowly let a long, wet spit fall out of his mouth and land exactly on my clit. When I feel it dribbling down around my pussy, and sometimes all the way down to my butthole, it fills me with ecstasy. He’s just got such perfect aim! And the fact that he’s perfected this technique with other girls before me? Such a turn-on.
— By proudslut

Erika’s comment

Another mind-blowing film from the incredibly talented Adriana Eskenazi! She truly knows how to capture sex and sexuality in a powerfully erotic and cool film, and her eye as a photographer on my XC films has served her gorgeously well for her second film for XC! Adult Cinema rarely looks this cool!

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