Sophia In Free Space Playboy Plus (33)

Sophia in Free Space – Playboy Plus

15 November 2021

Take in the breathtaking landscape of Southern Spain with newcomer Sophia. On location in Granada, Sophia poses for the photographer, Henrik Pfeifer. “I’m really introverted and shy at first, but people that know me would say I’m crazy,” laughs Sophia. “I’m [the type] of person that when I know what I want, I don’t stop until I get it!” Dedicated to her artistry, Sophia is not only a model but a musician as well. “My passion? Singing. My dream is to become a singer,” she smiles. “I love music. In my spare time, I’m always making my own music and singing.” As far as her modeling career, Sophia has much experience in many different avenues of the industry but is finally happy to check Playboy off her list. “I think it’s just an honor to be a part of it,” she shares of her time on set. “I’m really blessed, and now I feel [even] more empowered!” Drop Sophia a comment below, and stick around for more from her, right here on Playboy Plus!

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