Sex Art Ruby Shades

Sex Art – Ruby Shades – Defenseless

Gorgeous Ruby Shades strides into the room in high heels, stockings and a skintight black dress. As Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie begins, Jimmy Bud is “Defenseless” against Ruby’s charms, even before she binds his wrists to the chair with cable ties. She kisses him as she unbuttons his shirt, then sits opposite him and makes him watch as she lubes up her fingers and starts to stroke her bare pussy. As her pleasure peaks, Ruby tugs a string of kegel balls from her juiced up slit, then pulls Jimmy’s pants down around his ankles and jerks his stiff cock with slippery hands.

Ruby grinds her pussy on Jimmy’s face as he licks her eagerly, and then writhes against his cock to drive him crazy before finally guiding it into her sex. She slides up and down, fucking herself on it increasingly vigorously, until she can no longer resist releasing Jimmy from his restraints. He bends her over and thrusts into her from behind, bouncing off her sexy ass each time he slams into her. They reach orgasm together, and Ruby pushes Jimmy back into the chair so he can watch her masturbate with his cum as it drips from her sticky pussy.

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