Sex Art Christy White & Kelly Collins

Sex Art – Christy White & Kelly Collins – Flare Of Love

Gorgeous girlfriends Christy White and Kelly Collins have fun in the pool, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic lesbian movie “Flare Of Love” begins. Flirting leads to kissing, and soon they are both topless, their bare breasts pressed together as they embrace. Platinum blonde Christy slips a hand into Kelly’s bikini panties, getting her very aroused before leading her to a blanket on the grass. In moments they are both naked and Christy kisses her way down Kelly’s sexy body to her pussy, lapping at her clit skilfully to drive her wild. Christy moves astride Kelly’s freckled face, riding her tongue sensuously; Kelly flips Christy onto her back and sucks her nipples while fingering her to an intense orgasm. Flushed from the sunshine and the heat of their passion, the lovers return to the pool to cool off.

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