Rikki And Stella Black Sabbath Zishy (80)

Rikki And Stella Black Sabbath – Zishy

13 May 2021

This past October, I posted a gallery of Rikki Till and Stella Garmen. I found some photos that I forgot to add to that set, so I decided to include them into this shameless gallery which we took earlier that day. See, the idea was to make this an all-Rikki update. But the way things unfolded, it would have been buffoonery not to include Stella in this epic adventure. I know what you’re thinking. How could God allow this and how does Zach get away with it? The truth is that I do not. I will burn in Hell for all eternity because of my deviant ways. And as for these immoral women who were coerced by my demonic charm, they too will be judged and punished in due course. But remember, God loves each and every one of us. Unconditionally. We did support the parish’s fish fry after.