Playmate Spring 2001 Hailee Lautenbach 0007

Spring 2021 Playmate Hailee Lautenbach is throwing it back to her favorite decade — the 1980s. Transport yourself back with Hailee as we welcome her as our brand new seasonal Playmate. “I think it’s so cool that Playboy lets the Playmates have creative input on our photoshoots,” beams Hailee . “We landed on a 1980s concept because I’m obsessed with movies from this time.” A positive, outgoing, and vibrant woman, Hailee is always her true self, especially on social media. “I’m pretty much an open book,” she laughs. “I have no filter on social media. I once posted a selfie in a porta-potty, so you could say nothing is really off-limits for me.” Not only was she inspired aesthetically by the movies she loves from the 1980s, but they also helped change her perspective when she needed it the most. “I always really liked [the movies] because the characters are so happy,” she explains. “I watched so many when I was first going through depression, and I would fantasize about living their lives.” This led Hailee to a revelation. “It made me realize that I needed to get off the couch and make my own happy ‘80s movie in real life,” she smiles. “I wanted to pay homage to ‘80s movies since they got me through a lot of dark times.” Get to know more about our Spring 2021 Playmate, Hailee Lautenbach, right here on Playboy Plus.

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