Playboy Plus Victoria Antoinette In Soft Approach (29)

Playboy Plus | Victoria Antoinette in Soft Approach

7 September 2020

Get ready for a cozy night by the fire with the model, Victoria Antoinette, as she makes her debut to Playboy Plus as a Cybergirl. She’s on set for the second time with Holly Randall and is absolutely loving it. “I love Playboy,” she gushes. “I’ve always wanted to be a part of the family. Posing naked is art!” Dressed in navy-blue mesh lingerie, Victoria struts down the stairs as Holly snaps her camera away to capture all of Victoria’s lovely beauty. “What I love most about my body are my boobs,” she tells us, caressing them for emphasis. “I love them! My nipples are so small and cute, and they’re the perfect size for my body.” When she’s not modeling for us, you can usually find this dazzling brunette with her camera, shooting photography for fun, or on the beach. “In my spare time I love going to the beach, my heart is just attached to the beach. If I’m going through something emotionally, that’s my place to go to let go and think.” Watch in awe as this lovely lady flips her long, shiny hair back and forth as she shows us her most intimate parts. If you’re loving everything you see, let her know just how much in the comment section below, right here, only on Playboy Plus!