Toby Taylor’s passions collide in this brand new feature from the photographer, Carianne Older. On set, as if she’s about to head out to the stage, Toby shows us her skills. A model and burlesque dancer, Toby loves her work. “I grew up surrounded by artists and musicians, so my interests are p retty eclectic,” shares Toby of her artistic background. “I’m inspired by classic Hollywood films and starlets. Because of this, glamour has been essential to my life.”

For Toby, the stage is home. “My passion is performing. I always feel most at home on stage,” she says. “Live performance is so special. There’s nothing I love more than crafting a new burlesque act and watching it come to life.” In her downtime, Toby is decompressing from her busy lifestyle. “I love to relax,” she laughs. “Ideally, starting a new book while taking a bubble bath!” Or when she can, she’s expressing herself in other ways. “One of my hobbies, when I have the time, is watercolor painting,” says Toby. “I also volunteer and foster for different cat rescues around Los Angeles. My cat, Lolita, was a foster fail that I couldn’t let go of.” Stay tuned to check out more from Toby Taylor on Playboy Plus.

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