Playboy Plus Taya Vais

International model Taya Vais is back with her sixth solo pictorial from the photographer Henrik Pfeifer. Taya takes in the country’s beautiful natural scenery on location in Spain. “If I trust the photographer, the shooting process turns into a dance,” says Taya of modeling. “It’s not just a moment of self-expression and ‘look how beautiful I am,’ but a way to express femininity, love, strength, and vulnerability.” Taya likes to meet people in person when it comes to dating, and you won’t find her on any apps. “I do not go on dates,” she laughs. “Because [they] often begin with photographs, and people are full of expectations and fantasies. I have no desire to live up to their expectations.” When she does meet someone organically, though, she’s drawn to individuals who are intelligent and humble. “Don’t be a snob,” she urges. “I look for kindness, ambition, respect for all things living, and humor.” Get to know more about Taya Vais right here on Playboy Plus.

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