Playboy Plus Sara Ames

Go for a ride with newcomer Sara Ames. On location in Los Angeles, California, with the photographer, Sebby Raw capturing her, we get to know Sara. “Honestly, I’m just a big goofball,” laughs the Oklahoma-born model and influencer. “I like to keep things playful and fun with lots of laughter !” Sara is new to the modeling world but is having a blast in her new career path. “I love having an outlet to express myself creatively,” shares Sara of modeling. “I love the artistic process. [From] the outfits, hair and makeup, and anticipation, to finally seeing the story and emotions that the finished product reveals.” For Sara, going for what you want makes her feel the most empowered. “Female empowerment looks like going after your dreams,” she begins, “even when there are so many obstacles that stand in the way.” Stay tuned to learn more about newcomer Sara Ames right here on Playboy Plus!

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