Playboy Plus Rachel

Rachel returns to Playboy Plus in this second feature from the photographer, Madeline Northway. “My passion? I love creating beautiful ‘somethings’ out of ‘nothings,’” she says. “The world is full of little diamonds in the rough.” On location of a lavish home in Dallas, Texas, Rachel floats through the house dressed in silk and jewels. “People discover Playboy? I think I was Bunny obsessed from the day I was born,” laughs Rachel.

“Playboy has shaped me into the woman I am today, whether I knew it or not.” A longtime fan and follower, it was only natural when we met, to ask Rachel to shoot. “It’s an absolute dream come true,” says Rachel. “Hard to believe I get to share something with so many icons and personal role models.” As for posing nude and feeling empowered, Rachel believes to each their own. “Female empowerment looks like celebrating femininity on your own terms! Whether it be covering every inch of your body or showing it all off! I feel empowered when surrounded by other inspiring women!” Get to know more about Rachel right here on Playboy Plus.

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