Playboy Plus October Birthdays

Playboy Plus – October Birthdays

Celebrate some October birthdays with us in this new Editor’s Choice gallery and video. Models Mel Green, Megan Blake, Mia Valentine, Junipr Keiko, and Milan Rose all turn one year older this month. Learn more about Mia, who turns 24 this October 12th. “The first 15 years of my life were spent living in Guatemala City. When I was 15, my family moved to America,” shares Mia. Since then, Mia has lived all over the world and is now based in New York City. “What makes me ‘me’ is my sense of adventure and constant curiosity about life,” says Mia of herself. “I want to see, taste, and experience it all. I feel like it is such a gift to be alive, and I want to enjoy that gift to the fullest.” Next, get to know Junipr, whose birthday falls on October 25th. “I’m soft-spoken and introverted,” shares Junipr. “I believe softness is strength, and I lead with love in all that I do. Wearing my heart on the outside has brought me great challenges in life, but I am so grateful for who I am, how I love, and the resilience that keeps me going.” Get to know all these models more right here on Playboy Plus.

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