Playboy Plus | Margo Dumas in Feeling Lively 7

As sensual as can be, International model, Margo Dumas gives all her new Playboy Plus fans the best show in her third pictorial ever. Dressed in all lace lingerie and a cozy sweater, Margo is ready to get things start with photographer, David Merenyi. “In high school, I was very shy and also nerdy,” she laughs, Now, Margo is playful and oh-so outgoing. Watching in awe as she picks grapes off the vine, eating them ever-so-seductively as the camera snaps away at her flawless, all-natural figure. With perky breasts and a totally toned body, it’s tough not to have already fallen deep into lust with the European beauty. “I like all of my body,” she gushes. “I feel great about posing nude. It is more comfortable than to pose in clothes,” she adds. Sit back and relax as you watch the gorgeous, Margo Dumas do her thing, right here, only on Playboy Plus!

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