Playboy Plus | Lauryn Elaine in Picking up Steam 19

Lauryn Elaine in Picking up Steam – Playboy Plus

14 April 2020

Things are heating up with the totally sexy model, Lauryn Elaine. Lauryn becomes a Cybergirl on the set of a steaming hot tub with the photographer, Holly Randall capturing all her sultry poses. With wet, slick hair, an eye-catching red lip, and a white figure-hugging bikini, Lauryn looks hotter than ever. Watch as she masters the art of seduction swaying her hips, tossing her hair from side to side and looking longingly into the camera, as if she’s waiting for someone to come take a dip with her. “My favorite part of me is my changing eye color,” she shares with us. “They are brown in the dark, and bright green in the sun!” In no time at all, Lauryn is losing her bikini, opting for some nighttime skinny dipping instead. “I love being nude,” she gushes. “I think it’s beautiful and comfortable!” When it comes to the opposite sex, Lauryn is all about the connection. “I would say my best sex advice would be to keep sex as something sacred and special! Having sex with someone you do not love is a waste of beautiful energy.” As for her own love life, she’s single and proud. “I’d rather be single until I find a man who compliments my lifestyle, who wants to build, and be a team.” If you fit the bill, let the lovely Lauryn Elaine know in the comment section below, right here on Playboy Plus!