Playboy Plus Kimmy Granger

Playboy Plus – Kimmy Granger – Precious Pearl

Join us in welcoming Kimmy Granger, our November 2022 All Star, to Playboy Plus! “Something people wouldn’t know about me at first glance is I’m a total homebody,” says Kimmy of herself. On location of a beautiful, plant-filled home in Los Angeles, California, Kimmy poses for the photographe r, Jay Chu. Dressed in white lace and pearls, Kimmy tells us what makes her, her. “I’m known to be super blunt and have a dark sense of humor,” she says. “I’m generous and never let any of my friends or family go unfed— I am the matriarch of my family and take care of my loved ones.” She says she’s most proud of buying her father a house the same year she bought her own. “[I think it’s a] pretty cool milestone.” Kimmy also shares that starting her career in the adult world was the right call. “The most adventurous thing I’ve ever done? I think uprooting my entire life to go do porn and then actually doing well— that was cool,” she says with a laugh. See more from Kimmy Granger all month as our November 2022 All Star right here on Playboy Plus!

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