Playboy Plus Kaitlynn Anderson

Playboy Plus – Kaitlynn Anderson – Shining Boldly

“I am strong, independent, empathetic to my core,” shares Kaitlynn Anderson, a model and content creator from Alpena, Michigan. Returning to set on location in Los Angeles, California, with the photographer, Sebby Raw, Kaitlynn tells us more about herself. “It means so much more to feel safe, happy, and loved to me than to achieve success, fame, and fortune,” says Kaitlynn. “My passion is living. I simply want nothing but happiness in my life.” And she has it. “I’ve achieved just that,” smiles Kaitlynn, “the freedom to roam where I please while being happy with myself and the company I keep!” When it comes to dating, Kaitlynn looks for someone open-minded. “I love a man who isn’t judgmental and is down to have a good time,” she says…

“Someone smart, supportive, kind, and loves exploring new things.” As for her best sex advice? It’s all about getting to know yourself first, according to Kaitlynn. “My number one tip is to explore your body and what turns you on,” she begins. “Just by being sexual and vulnerable with yourself, you will know what you like, and it will only enhance your experience with your partner.” Get to know more about Kaitlynn in her following pictorial, coming soon, here on Playboy Plus!

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