Playboy Plus Jazlyn Ray

Playboy Plus – Jazlyn Ray – Dream State

It’s a relaxing afternoon with newcomer and adult star Jazlyn Ray. On location in Los Angeles, California, Jazlyn poses for the photographer, Agent X. “I have a huge heart,” she says of herself. “I’m genuine and grounded. I can also be a bit silly and random at times.” At just one year i n the industry, Jazlyn is enjoying herself, and Playboy is just one of the many goals she’s achieved. “Some words I live by?

You create your reality,” shares Jazlyn. “Just getting to do my first Playboy shoot has been a dream of mine [since I was] young.” As for posing nude, Jazlyn finds it beautiful. “I think posing nude is an art form,” she says. “Playboy, to me, beautifully represents freedom of sexual expression. Being given the opportunity to represent that and be a part of it feels right to me because that is something I believe in as well.” Stay tuned for more from Jazlyn Ray right here on Playboy Plus.

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